Aspen Elks Lodge
No. 224

Other News from our Veterans Service Committee – March 2019

Welcome fellow Elks to the March edition of your Veteran Service Committee Newsletter. The Winter Sports Clinic (WSC) is fast approaching and sign up sheets are available at the Lodge. This event the “Largest of its kind in the World” can be a life changing experience for not only our Veterans but also for Volunteers. So come on in and sign up for the experience of a life time.

On Sunday, March 31st, the tents will be put up at the ranch for the fishing venue, and the ramps will be put in place. There are still 22 ramps that need to be glued. If the temperatures are very cold, we can add propane heaters, plus fire extinguishers and exit signs.

The Honor Guard will be at the Airport for the Veterans arrival on Saturday from 10-2pm. They will also be at the Fishing Venue everyday dressed in their CamouflageUniforms.

March 28th is the date for the Volunteer Meeting. All people must attend who plan on helping with the DAV Winter Sports Clinic.  Mindy Parker has prepared an excellent manual for the airport arrivals and departures.

At the Veterans Affairs Committee Meeting on March 13th Peggy Briscoe gave a report on the “Adopt a Vet” Program.  She will be putting large box containers at various locations in Aspen. There will be a sign of the items that are needed to send to a Veteran who is overseas.  We then would mail these care packages to Veterans overseas. The package dimensions are 12x12x16 and the cost to mail these care packages is $18.50.  The Colorado National Guard suggests places such a Churches, Elks Lodges, Citi Market, and Carl’s Pharmacy, and they should be collected daily. After the Committee determines the exact locations for donations, we will run an Article in the local papers.

Steve Wilhite gave his report on Public Relations.  He proposed meeting with the schools in August, so the students can make a project of Helping to Volunteer with The Winter Sports Clinic.  Also we can write Letters to the Editor, to educate and promote the Winter Sports Clinic. Steve will try to set up an Interview with NPR to educate our Locals to the Winter Sports Clinic, and the activities that are available to them, and the Elks Lodge involvement with the Disabled Veterans Program.  We hope to have some photos of the Veterans and their activities included in our Local Newspapers. Fred Venrick will be writing an article about the Winter Sports Clinic and the Elks Lodge involvement in Aspen.

We plan to update and improve the website. We want a link that would allow people to contribute to the DAV Winter Sports Clinic through our 503(c).  Ryan Gentry will look into costs involved with a separate fundraising website for the 503(c).
There are 7500 Veterans in the counties around Rifle. Many of these veterans are hurting and need help. Our goal is to be able to financially assist some of these veterans through the Elks Lodges in the Mountain District.

Following a call with Vedra from the Telluride Lodge, we can confirm there will be an Honor Flight leaving from Colorado in April of this year.

Ryan Gentry is developing a Mentorship Program to recruit new younger business professionals to become members of our Lodge.


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