Aspen Elks Lodge
No. 224

Committee Updates – February 2021

Despite the COVID shutdown we’ve managed to find a way to reach out and support our Veterans, as part of our new “We care, We share” project. Our Women Veterans Program led by Karen Carner and Peg Briscoe, found a way to help these Veterans. They discovered that our hospitalized Women Veterans, in Grand Junction, frequently feel vulnerable, and are hesitant to get up and ambulate when ill which is so important for their healing. So our Committee decided to sponsor a purchase of fifty robes, that will provide dignity, and warmth when they’re up and about. In addition George and Juleah Markatos provided dozens of towels, sheets, and comforters for the Women Veterans homeless program.

Thanks to George and Juleah this will be a year round program, taking care of some of our most needy Veterans. During the Christmas season Ken Williams, contacted VFW Post #3981, in Grand Junction to help feed Veteran families in the area.

We donated $2000 to purchase fifty turkeys, twenty hams, and other incidentals, to feed seventy families. The VFW, led by Len Ladue, purchased, packaged and delivered these goods. The funds left over will go to helping feed these folks during the winter. We also recently donated $2100 to the Colorado National Guard, to feed families while their spouses are serving. These funds will also help families with any emergencies that may arise. We are also preparing for the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic, which will run from March 28th thru April 2nd. We’ve been told by the V.A. that this will be on a limited basis.

It is my sad duty to inform you that Bob Cook, after a long battle with cancer, passed away in the early morning of Friday January 8th. Bob a Marine Veteran was the chair of the NDVWSC for over ten years. His hard work , dedication and leadership helped make this event, the largest and most successful of its kind in the world. This program changed lives not only for the participants, but also for anyone involved. As the Marine Hymn states, “if the Army or Navy ever looked on heavens scene they will find the streets are guarded and led by Bob Cook and his United States Marines”. Our prayers go out to Marsha Cook and all their loved ones.

Semper Fidelis, Bob,

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